New beginings…

Happy New Year! Its been a fun month!

I travelled to Liege in Belgium for some intense training it, I felt very lucky to attend a course that was delivered in English surrounded by people who had at least two languages they could converse in. Although I know some french and spainish its not good enough to get me though any technical environmental courses! At the time the Brexit disscussions had reached their peak or so it seemed at the time and I seemed to get an interesting perspective on how the rest of Europe was viewing the situation.

A few weeks earlier I was able to volunteer with the Canal and Rivers Trust and help paint the floor of the pumping station near Canary Wharf hard work but fun!

I also got to fit in a final visit to the Modern Couples exhibition at the Barbican, which was a really interesting as a member I got the opportunity to visit the exhibition a couple of times with friends and on my own. There was so much to discover and enjoy.

 January was a busy month providing me with lots of creative ideas for the year ahead. Hope you had a good start to the year!

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