August Adventures: Exhibitions part 1

Its early November and I am looking back at photos and places I’ve been. I went to quite a few exhibitions and enjoyed most of the them. In August I spent a week travelling north visiting old cities I had previously called home.

First stop was Manchester, a city l lived in as a student and have returned to as a visitor many times since. As a city it continues to evolve from the city l experienced as a student. I was happy to have made it to the Whitworth Art Gallery again and really enjoyed spending time in the cafe and visit the refurbished central library the last time I was in the city was a few years ago.

Whithworth Gallery Cafe , Manchester

My primary reason to visit having looked up current exhibitions was to see the “Parliament of Ghosts” by Ibrahim Mahama.

It was an impressive exhibition providing alot to think about and review I like the parliament installation made up of bus seats. The Whitworth is a lovely gallery and I enjoy coming to Manchester to visit (See my previous visits here). I also visited the Manchester city gallery, where I came across Halima Cassell exhibition “Virtues of unity” Halima is an artist and Sculptor, I really enjoyed exploring and getting to know her work.

Thats all for now come back later to when I’ll share more about the next city I travelled to and the exhibitions I visited.


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