Blue Skies and Sea Breezes

Following a recent trip to the coast, I came back feeling refreshed the sea air and gentle waves had taken my busy everyday thoughts away and replaced them with a calm and peace for a few days.

I felt grounded and reminded that we are like small grains of sand; existing for a moment in time. The chalk coastline a reminder of what lies beneath.




An enquiry about my general health and the weather.

dad 2008
Dad, Southbank, London, 2008

A typical phone call with my dad involved the initial enquiry about my general health, the weather; when residing in Scotland this part of the conversation could take several minutes to discuss before moving on to the topics of the day.

He was my parental google albeit with limited parameters he had had a wide range of experiences in his 80+ years and I was always realising he had lived through several major historical events.

The day they announced another general election in 2017 so soon after the last one the year before was a day his passing a few weeks early really hit home. It was an event I would have looked forward to discussing with him.  Tears came to my eyes as I read the headlines at work realising that there were no discussions to be had with dad.

This post was written in response to  Daily Prompts, Typical.

Where to start?

Its the begining of week 5 of the AW and at the last meeting we talked about things we need to grieve for I wrote my dad. It was a year to the day that he had passed, moved on it’s still a very recent journey that me and my family have begun. But I realise that from now one I can no longer think this time last year he was still with us. Because I have been blogging intermittently for the last four or five years I choose this medium to continue the next part of the journery after year 1. I want to continue to celebrate him like we did at the start of this journey. He lives on in my heart but for now I want him to also live on in the online world a world he was aware of but never joined.