And Uncle too.

Uncle June 2016

Uncle wasn’t really my uncle but what do you call someone who is a cousin to your dad and a few years older? You call them Uncle. He had a very destinct gravelly voice as far as I know he never spoked but I could be wrong. There will always be questions you wished you asked when a loved one passes on. In old family photos there is usually a picture of Uncle in the background, smiling. He once stayed a week to help redecorate our living room. It was fun to have him around for that week and great to look at the walls and remember him.

When visiting my dad its very difficult for me to drive away with out going to visit Uncle. He is buried in a muslim cememetry five minutes away. About five months before my dad passed on Uncle passed. I had seen him about a month or two but had spoken to him about 4 weeks before. On my last visit he had complained of not feeling well and that he thought that he did not have long. Seeing my naturally concerned expression he told me not to be sad, he was ready he had been happy with his life to date there were a few things that he was unhappy about but on the whole he was at peace and ready too go.